You Have Tried Everything Else. Now Pray!

Marital Transformation Through The Power of Persistent Prayer

The Demand for Marital Transformation

It is evident that you need a marital transformation when you can’t remember why you married this person in the first place and when the inner strength to resurrect what has died, is just not there. When all that is left of your marriage is a lifeless mess, there is only one place to go. Before you go there, let me say that, going to the corner bar or  home to cry on your mother’s shoulder, is not that one place!

When you feel the pressure of the pain squeezing the last drop of life out of your soul, you just want to talk to somebody. You need a sympathetic ear. You  need to get a load off of your shoulders and put it onto someone with broader shoulders, who might understand.

You could talk to your closest friend. They would certainly understand. In fact, it is likely that they would side with you on every issue contributing to your marital demise. You will most likely feel better after that conversation. But, when you walk back into the reality of the state of your marriage, more than likely, you will find that you have not found the formula for a marital transformation.

The Formula for Marital Transformation

In fact, the reason nothing changed after that comforting conversation, is that the motives of your heart were not right. In James 4:3  we are told that we have not because we ask with the wrong motives.

In other words, when you talk to your closest friend about the mountain of marital demise that you are facing, that friend tends to be biased. In fact, going into the conversation there is the expectation for a biased perspective. If that is what you got, it might have felt really good. But beware. Feelings come and go. We very often have little control over them.

Psalm 138:8 tells us that He (God) will perfect that which concerns us. Jesus says in Matthew 7:7  that if we ask, we will receive. This gives us a very simple formula for marital transformation. Take your petitions to the One who can perfect that which concerns you. Your entire life, everything you do, and everything that you are, concerns you. Jesus’s promise is that if you ask, He can  help you through it and despite the mess, He can perfect it.

Take Your Marriage to the Lord in Prayer

With that insight, go to Christ in prayer and pour out the brokenness of your soul to Him. You have a personal invitation to ask the right person, Jesus, to bring you through the destructive forces of hell that seek to destroy all that you hold dear. If you have not because you ask not, that must mean that because you ask, you will receive.

God has made some awesome promises concerning your life and your marriage. The hindrances to you receiving the promises are complex. All of hell wants to see your marriage destroyed. Hell whispers to you that there is no way to fix the mess that you are in. Very often God stands alone in His desire and will to transform your marriage.

Because it is His will to restore your marriage, you must agree with God in the place of prayer. Your stance for marital transformation must be firm. You will then be on solid ground when you step into the spiritual ring to wrestle your marriage out of the hands of the enemy and place it back into the hands of the God.

The greatest difficulty that you will face when you enter into warfare for your marriage, will be continually holding your petitions before the Lord, despite the weight of your pain. Though the burden of marital conflict weighs on your soul, you must find yourself seated in heavenly places with Christ and holding your petitions before the Father.

Persistence in Prayer

Praying for marital transformation demands persistence. You ask and you keep on asking. Lay the brokenness of your life at the feet of a true Friend. As you release your burden, the Holy Spirit will reveal that you have been carrying layers of pain that you had never recognized were there.

When that happens, you are on the right track. Persist day and night, night and day, in the place of prayer. You will finally come to a place where the light breaks through the darkness and His healing power floods your soul.

From Warfare to Marital Transformation

Because God is in the business of answering prayer, He will reveal that purpose was wrapped up in your struggles. It was never there to destroy you, but to transform your life and your marriage.

You have now moved through the warfare to the place of marital transformation that has been elusive to you up to this point. Now you can stand on the solid rock of truth that, what God puts together when you stand in the place of prayer will resist the gates of hell.

From Test to Testimony

You may find it helpful to go to as many marriage counselors as you can afford and to read as many marital transformation books that you can get your hands on, in your efforts to heal your marriage. But, despite any advantage that those efforts yield, you still cannot neglect the power of persistent prayer.

Without the activity of the Holy Spirit, released into your heart and marriage through persistent prayer, your chances of prolonged success are diminished. Even though you may gain ground without the prayer effort, you will face constant vulnerability for the enemy to come in and steal the victory from you.

Through prayer alone you will find renewed hope and prolonged victory. By persistent and power packed prayer, marital transformation will be established, and the beauty of your marriage will break forth. Now that you have been through the test, you have a testimony that the power of persistent prayer does, in fact, bring marital transformation.




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