You Need More Than a Diet to Lose Weight

Mental Strategies are Vital to Weight-Loss Success

Effective mental strategies versus diet and exercise-which is the primary approach to weight-loss success?  If you do a search on the internet, you will find an endless number of diets that are guaranteed to take the weight off fast.

Countless exercise tips and regimes that will put you on the fast track to dietary success, are also out there. In fact, if someone is really determined to lose weight they will surely have access to and endless number of weight-loss blueprints designed to guarantee your dietary success.

But, will they defeat the battle of the bulge, if you fail to develop and implement an effective mental strategy for success?

Mental Strategies are a Must for Effective Weight-Loss

Let me put it out there this way: beyond diet and exercise, you must have the right mindset and mental strategy, even before you begin a diet.

If you don’t establish mental toughness to get you through the obstacles that you will face every day of your weight-loss efforts, you will never make it to a place of success.

In fact you must create a new mental dialogue that will take you through the fear of failure, personal doubt, unending temptations, and self-sabotage.

Does It Seem Like You Are On a Died Merry-Go-Round? 

If you are contemplating a diet now, it is probably not your first. You may have lost a lot of weight or a little in the past. Whether you achieved your weight-loss goals is not the issue.

The issue is you are once again faced with unhealthy eating patterns that wrecked your weight-loss.

To lose that weight and keep it off, you must identify and conquer your personal mental patterns that are contributing to your weight-loss failure.

Then, you MUST develop a strong mental strategy for weight-loss success. In fact, the mental strategy should precede any and all weight-loss efforts.

How Do You See Yourself In Comparison With Others? 

How you see yourself in terms of body image, in comparison with others, and in terms of your ability to set a goal and achieve it, are key considerations in your weight-loss efforts.

If you are getting ready to embark on a weight-loss plan, then the image that you hold in your mind of who you are, is most likely fat, dumpy, and overweight.

As long as that image is programmed into your mind, no matter how much weight you lose, you will eventually find a way to become that fat, dumpy image that you carry in your head.

At the subconscious level, your mind will cause you to create the body that you carry in your mind. You must develop a mental strategy to overcome that image and get it out of your head.

Change the Way You See Yourself & a Mental Strategy That Will Produce It

For starters, you need to create a slim image of yourself in the depth of your mind and soul. Pull out pictures of yourself when you were slim and trim. Focus on them day and night. Program into the hard-drive of your mind, this new image of the slender YOU.

Next on the agenda, you need to create a mental strategy that will address the excuses that you make for why your diets have failed.

For example, “I was doing well on that diet until I started having problems in my marriage.” Or maybe it was the problems with your teenager, or pressure from work that caused you to fail.

Whatever the excuses were, they must be identified, exposed, and eradicated from your mind.

Mental Vigilance is a Must

Mental vigilance must be erected in your mind and soul to resist all excuses.

Only then can you begin to re-program your mind to succeed.

Your new mantras should be, “I don’t care if my entire world caves in, food will not hold it up” and “Even if all hell breaks loose in my home and at work, I will not waver in my commitment to lose weight.”

You will never achieve long-term success until you identify and reprogram the lies that you have told yourself about your ability to achieve weight-loss success.

Develop Mental Toughness To Resist to Your Cravings

Your last mental strategy on the road to weigh-loss success is, to develop a mental toughness against the foods that tempt you.

You have to develop a plan of how you will negotiate these obstacles before you face them.

The plan must be very detailed. It must mentally carry you through the mental dialogue and actions that will confront you. It must carry you through, right up to the point where you are standing in front of the forbidden food.

Beware of Familiar Places & Emotional Cravings

Finally, you need to beware of the places and the emotional states that create vulnerability to “eat it, just this one-time”, as well as the places that you go, where you know that you will face that temptation.

Develop a mental strategy to resist and say “NO” to those foods that soothe and the foods that you love. You must create a plan before you are facing the temptation.

The plan must address even in the toughest and most vulnerable times during the days and nights ahead.

Grasp These Concepts and Declare War On Your Cravings

It has been my intention in this article, to empower you to develop a mental strategy that will support your weight-loss efforts.

I have barely scratched the surface of the web of mental obstacles and road blocks that you will have to negotiate to be successful in creating a slimmer you.

What I have presented can be a stating place for the development of a mental strategy for your weight-loss success.

If you grasp these concepts and continue to work them into your mind, they will carry you forward towards greater success than you have realized before.

Program your mind for success. You can and will achieve your goals!

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